Sunday, April 3, 2016

Forced Labor Camps

In terms of conspiracy theories, the term alone "forced labor camps" is enough of a buzzword to place an opinion in the conspiracy theory category. Forced labor camps coming to America is absolutely absurd. However, if you think about it for a moment, we already have forced labor camps here in America.

I forget which historical figure said it, but the first step towards knowledge is to call things by their proper name. In a forced labor camp, a man is held there against his will, performs labor under some sort of authority, and receives no compensation for his labor. Forced labor camps are prisons.

We've had prisons for as long as I can remember and currently about one percent of the United States population is incarcerated. Of course, many people in prisons deserve being there. We have murderers, rapists, and thieves in prisons. However, our prisons hold a lot of people that are not murderers, rapists, and thieves.

A lot of the prison population is there because of the war on drugs. Simply using or selling illegal drugs will expose a man to mandatory minimum sentences of several years. During these years, these prisoners will be subjected to forced labor.

However, when we think about forced labor camps, we may think about the holocaust or the internment of Japanese citizens after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Should America bring forced labor camps in the way that most people think about such camps, these labor camps probably would not be introduced as a separate entity. People will adapt to anything gradually and what the forces in charge would do is to slowly increase the number of reasons to put a man in prison.

When you think about it, going to prison for years for smoking certain herbs is the opposite of freedom. However, this is reality and we all accept this as normal. This isn't the way it should be but we don't live in shouldland.

When the forces in charge want to imprison more of the population, men will go to prison for traffic violations, minor debts, political incorrectness, and hurting other peoples feelings. And when a man can not clearly determine or know what will or will not get him arrested, we will all be living in 1984.