Monday, January 29, 2018

To Save the United States of America

The plan to save America would be a bottom up approach. Saving America would depend completely on the individual and then gradually rise up to higher levels of control.

Saving America would depend on enough Americans to believe in the goal.

Saving America starts with saving yourself.

Step one involves the individual identify his/her financial position. If he/she is in debt, it is his/her objective to get out of debt as soon as possible. After escaping debt, his/her next objective is to amass a giant war chest. However much money the individual needs will depend on the individual. Ideally, each individual would get into the position where he/she has enough money/wealth saved up for his/her remaining lifetime. Without completing this step, the next steps will be harder to achieve/less effective.

Step two involves saving the people close to you. This would be either your immediate family/close friends. Since not every person has the will or ability to fix his financial position, the men/women who have become established can do great work by helping those close to them. Saving others from themselves brings everyone closer to the goal of saving America. How a man/woman chooses to do this will be up to his/her own digression. Support should be devised best by creating win/win situations. Support could also be a win/lose situation but this is not as effective as saving America.

Step three involves getting involved in local politics/governance. Since the root of most problems is caused by the deferral of personal responsibility, it is a man/woman's goal to prevent the government from doing this. Simply preventing the government from getting larger or taking more control/responsibility, a man/woman is fulfilling his/her duty. Simply getting elected and doing absolutely nothing would be better then implementing a disastrous policy.

Step four involves getting further involved in politics/governance and repealing government powers/funding/regulations/laws/reach. It is possible there is some optimal level of government (the point where government spending results in the highest possible GDP/standard of living) but most conservatives would agree that the current scope of government is too much. By peeling back the power/size/scope of the government, the power/responsibility is returned back to the people. The individual will be free to succeed/fail at his/her own merits.

America will be saved when the federal budget is balanced and we no longer run yearly budget deficits. America will be saved when the national debt starts getting paid off. America will be saved when we no longer have trade deficits. I believe in America. I believe in you. Go be a patriot.