Saturday, November 25, 2017

Life Extension (implications)

While in America, the life expectancy is about 78 years, it is possible to see records of people that lived past 100 years. I think that the record for oldest person in the world is 120 years. It makes me wonder how old a person could live. Biblical accounts have people living for hundreds of years to as long as 1000 years. How accurate those accounts are is speculation but it is nice to have myths.

Repeatedly, I hear that there is some sort of life expectancy technology but there is little to no detail about how it works or what kind of results it can product. People say it is suppressed from the general public.

To satisfy my curiosity, I just typed in "Life Extension Technology" into YouTube and clicked the first video that popped up.

It is a 26 minute long video by Issac Arthur about the implications of such Life Extension. Not much detail is provided about current, developing, or future technology but it is an interesting view about life after such technology is released to the public.