Sunday, March 25, 2018

Who are the global elite?

Every now and again, I wonder if the entire world is controlled by a small number of people. People so strong, so powerful, and so rich they could use countries/governments as pawns/playthings.

Certain terms get thrown around so often.

New World Order
Global Elite
The Patriots (Metal Gear Solid)
Shadow Government
Free Masons

And they are accused of starting wars, crashing governments, controlling the media, and rigging the Oscars.

And of course, various people get accused of being part of the aforementioned groups/alliances.

George Soros
David Rockfeller
The Rockefeller Family
The Rothschild Family
Bill Gates
The Bush Family
The Clinton Family

However, I've not found anywhere an easy to read article/youtube video explaining who the global elite are. Until there is a video that goes by the title "top 10 globalists", it will take more digging to find out who these people are.

This article from Blacklisted News details a few of the major organizations that most likely make up the global elite.

Such organizations include:

The Council on Foreign Relations
The Trilateral Commission
The Institute for International Economies

I then wonder how all this came to be.

As far as I understand, the motive of the global elite is control. As much control as possible. My biases tell me the control is for nefarious reasons. But part of me wonders if some of the elites have good intentions but just botch the execution.

If the global elite is evil, it makes sense for the elite to want to destroy or enslave humanity to feed a god/ego complex or just for lulz.

If the global elite is good, maybe they want to take control of humanity because they believe that people are too dumb and stupid to make independent decisions.

Regardless, control seems to be their objective.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Existence according to Alex Jones

Link to the Joe Rogan podcast with Alex Jones as a guest.

While Alex's explanation is a little hard to follow, I'll summarize a few main points.

1. Elites are trying to open up an inter dimensional portal to outside worlds
2. Portals will bring in psychic vampire potbelly demon goblins to Earth and destroy the majority population
3. Satan is part of this
4. Elites want to merge with machines to live forever and dominate whatever Earth population that remains
5. Chemicals in the water supply are turning the frogs gay
6. It is time for human beings who love America and are patriots to rise up and stop this nonsense
7. Advanced AI systems are being developed on the internet (of things) to predict the future and eventually control the future
8. Justin Bieber
9. Humans operate on a 5th or 6th dimensional thinking plane

It is a lot to digest.